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Appleseed OVA

Post by Motoko2030 »

Would the die hard Appleseed fans recommend the Appleseed OVA that came out in the late 80's to a newbie of the Appleseed universe, like myself who enjoyed the CGI movie.
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Post by Gillsing »

I'm not a die hard fan, but I consider it watchable. Not as good as the manga though, and definitely not up to GitS anime standard. More like an anime version for those who simply must see landmates in motion.
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Post by sonic »

Yeah, it was very simplified from the manga. I still enjoyed that anime a lot at the time though (I actually saw it before I read the manga; it was one of the first anime I saw). I thought that the characters of Hitomi, Deunan and Briareous were portrayed well even though there was not that much characterisation (they at least had a few nice moments), and the ideas though only lightly touched on are interesting... It's got an old 80's anime art style, which is also nice. Basically, it is watchable, and if you take it for what it is you may enjoy it.
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