Tachikoma in the flesh! ...well, in the plastic actually.

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Tachikoma in the flesh! ...well, in the plastic actually.

Post by Elmo »

I know what i want for xmas :P


Or on youtube

How awesome is that? :)
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Post by THYREN »

That's AWESOME!!! I want one too!!!

Look at this vid, it's even better:

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Post by H-street »

yea a lot of cool new figures coming out in hte next 8 months..

if you haven't yet..

be sure to bookmark http://www.takotech.net/mshp/

is an awesome source for up and coming GITS stuff..
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Post by Tonks_kittygoth »

wow, I want!!!!!

That is too cool. Any word on pricing?
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Post by sonic »

It's cute... I never even thought of anyone making something like that.
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Post by Epiphany »

:( I want one but can't afford it.
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Post by AJB2K3 »

I havent seen a single gits figure in over a year for sale in the uk.
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