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Book Repair MMI

Post by AJB2K3 »

My copy of MMI has pages comming of the spine already (barly 3 mounths old) what can i do? :( :( :( :( :(
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Post by ghost »

Super Glue!!! No I'm just kidding. I would probable go to your librairy and ask them if they know any good book repair-men. Most of the time librairys are in touch with poeple who can fix all kinds of books, Even manga! :D
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Post by sonic »

Buy a new one, it's probably cheaper! And use the old one for whatever you want (if it's really totally falling appart, I mean)! The pages that are falling out could be used as pin-ups, or perhaps even decorative covers for school/work folders? I used to do stuff like that with really trashed copies of comics, when I was in school. I have a few manga with loose pages too (mostly pocket volumes of Sailor Moon manga that were not bound well), but I feel like I can live with it so long as I look after them carefully and don't loose the pages...
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