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What if creativity is just a form of logic that is so abstract that it cannot be emulated
It very much could be defiend as a form of loose (or varyingly loose, depending on the individual and moment) logic. But I do think it could be emulated, if the right people with brilliant minds put their heads to it. It would just potentially be a multi-lifetime-long task to take it and come up with a way to communicate every variation. Which is why people live the way they do, passing a one way up exchange of information throughout human history. I'd like us to find the mythical leaping point where the evolution of generations happens in one little black box or artificial like this dream of perfect artificial intelligence, though...
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why does an AI have to become 'alive' by the intervention of humans, it could be argued that we evolved conciousness ( which for arguments sake we will consider an abstract form of logic) because of it's merits. Couldn't it be said that an AI with a brain capable of evolving would also develop such traits? ( project 2501?)
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