RFID implants--a real-life cyborg?

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RFID implants--a real-life cyborg?

Post by miki-chan »

This courtesy of Metafilter--this chap apparently has subcutaneous RFID chips implanted in his hands with which he can log on to his computer and open doors.
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Jeni Nielsen
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Post by Jeni Nielsen »

If you think about it anyone with a pacemaker is a cyborg by definition. This is just more technology oriented.
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Post by Lightice »

This isn't too new technology, really. It's just that people are usually somewhat reluctant to put things like that under their skin, especially when carrying a card with chip works usually just as well.
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Post by THYREN »

I remember that a professor in England did this around 2000.

I don't think it's gonna be common among us before decades...
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Post by Spica »

It would probably be better to implant a chip such as this in ones wrist. The wrist is fairly mobile, but unlike the hand it does not grasp things and also does not have nearly as much tactile sensitivity.
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