Satoshi Kon R.I.P.

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Satoshi Kon R.I.P.

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Satoshi Kon's final message: ... onara.html

So sad....
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I could not get the URL translator to work in place.

Warning, mechanical translation...
May 18, never forget this year.
武蔵野赤十字病院, was sentenced following a Cardiology physician.
"Terminal pancreatic cancer, has spread throughout the bone. Half a year longer life expectancy."
My wife and I heard two people. Just as no two people take arms were unreasonable in sudden fate.
I really had a regular basis.
"It's no dead time."
And although it was too sudden.

May be the sign had indeed. The two parts of the back - three months before the pain in his groin and strong, right leg became power from entering, resulting in a greater difficulty in walking, but went to acupuncture and chiropractic and not be improved, MRI and PET-CT examination results in precision instruments such as life expectancy is up to the sudden and pronounced.
Like it was behind the death have noticed, but I can not do anything be done about it.

After the sentence, his wife sought a way to survive. Only it's hard.
Has gained the support of friends and hopefully more powerful supreme. Rejects anti-cancer drugs, and conventional wisdom is that to live believing in a slightly different view of the world. "Normal" I felt like it was around the 私Rashiku refuse. I think that had something to do with oneself always in the majority anyway. It's the same with regard to medical care. Gizmo Arekore what might have realized the back of mainstream modern medicine.
"Maybe I'll survive in the world of one's choice!"
However. As well as by sheer force of will barely work and your work.
Progressive disease was reliably every day.

Even the general public as a world community because I am one of the other hand, accepting about half are alive. Because I'm from paying taxes properly. The fine is one of the full members of society and history is far away.
Preparing for the world and personal survival, so apart
"Perfectly prepared to die."
I'll have to turn the hands. I could totally fine.
One of them, we made two friends to help and trusted with the fragile and Satoshi Kon has let the company manage to make such rights nonetheless.
Another was to make a will much like my wife 譲Ri渡Seru not facilitate the property. Of course things like legacy is not compounded by the conflict, but the one I want to remove the anxiety of a wife in the world, which leads to peace of mind that my journey that Choi and beyond.

Related procedures, paperwork and do not like my wife and I got homework and working quickly at the hands of a wonderful friend.
Later, in critical condition with pneumonia, when he signed the last will and testament being vague and is now, and I was about to die I can understand this.
"What finally die ..."
After all, Musashino Red Cross in first aid and transported to two days ago, and was taken to hospital by ambulance and leave the same day. It turned out fine and the test now indeed in the hospital. The result of complications of pneumonia, pleural effusion has accumulated considerable. I clearly heard the doctor, the answer is very businesslike, grateful way.
"... A day or two with you ... a lot about it over this month."
While listening to "Sounds like weather," I thought the situation was urgent.
July 7 that it is. It's pretty tough that it was the Day.

So I would go belly that is.
I die at home.
The last could be a great nuisance to people around, I got home Consult a way to escape at any cost.
Tenacity and his wife, while actually very helpful and cooperative attitude, as if the hospital gave up, great support outside the clinic, but many casual and many blessings and 思Enu.
Like in the formal and real chance and necessity that no gap is so incredibly well. "Tokyo Godfathers" and circa stupid.

The escape plans around on my wife and I have to say that, for the doctor "I can do that - If the child still at home but half a day!" He added later, the brooding alone in the hospital death awaited.
Is sad that this had been considered.
"Maybe a nice idea to die."
In particular there is no reason why, and could not help but think it may be so, was feeling surprisingly calm myself.
But just do not like one thing.
"Naa just die in this place I do not like ..."
And then starts to spread in the room started to move from the calendar on the wall and see something.
"Oh ... and a procession from the calendar. Hallucinations Naa not my personality at all."
The heartwarming feeling that even when things work professionalism that could be had approached the world of death at this time all the best. I felt really close to death.
While the world was wrapped in sheets of death, Musashino Red Cross and a miraculous escape thanks to the efforts of many people with traceable to home.
It also hurts to die.
Mind you, not because of dislike or criticism of another Musashino Red Cross, as without misunderstanding.
But I only go home in my house.
I still live in that house.

Just a little surprised, when carried into the living room of his home, the familiar near-death experience, "he sees himself transported to the room from above" with the added bonus was that really know.
Including you and your landscape, what about a few meters from the ground, was seen in bird's-eye view somewhat true wide lens. Awfully impressive large central squares of the bed room that is down to one square wrapped in sheets. Janakatta is feeling very carefully, not mention complaints.

Well, the rest should have been at home just waiting to die.
I must have gone over the mountains of pneumonia without difficulty.
In a way, I like this.
"I missed death (laughs)"
After that I could think only think of death as certainly dead once. In the back of a vague sense of "reborn" shook the word several times.
Strangely enough, energy is restarted again the next day.
My wife started, the people who distribute the energy to come to visit, a friend helped you, doctors and nurses, because I think all of us who are working as care managers. Very honest from the heart.

Now that energy starts to live again, is not I can not doze.
I ordered the liver and given as an extra life, you must use care.
不義理 thought to reduce one left in this world there.
In fact, cancer can not only tell people very, very personal. It was not about to tell your parents. In particular, the work-related has not many, said and say.
A declaration of cancer on the Internet, but a mind reporting daily rest of your life, that will be the death of Satoshi Kon, and small and seemed to be concerned about the impact various Nevertheless,不義理 repeatedly had gotten to know it is therefore familiar. Sorry to hear that.

Meet at least once before I die, people who want to greet a single word out there.
Family and relatives, old friends from elementary and high school classmates, friends met in college, who exchanged a lot of stimulus in the world of comic encounters, side by side in the world of animation desk, drinking together, ability to stimulate the same work, Bluetooth, a number of colleagues also shared our enjoyment suffering, so many people know, thanks to countless positions to meet a director, people who say that Japan, as well as fans around the world We were able to meet. Some friends I met through the web.

The one glance, if possible, but there are many (though some of you miss), they meet a "it'd be more people meet in this" just the feeling that is going to be accumulated, to death I would have no good She thought so. The recovered energy and although I was a little, except in very prepared to meet that. The one so painful to see. Ironically.
And became bedridden and nearly paralyzed due to bone metastases, were also seen by skinny figure. I want to remember about Satoshi Kon's most energetic in the know.
Disease to inform their relatives, friends all the friends you all to take this opportunity to apologize to 不義理. But you'd understand how selfish Satoshi Kon.
I mean, "one of those guys," You were, what Satoshi Kon.
If you think your face will remind us of good memories and smiles.
Thank you all for a lot of really good memories.
I love living my world.
It seems like a very happy.

We met a few people in my life, even though both positive and negative, that the formation of human Satoshi Kon is probably still needed somewhere to meet all appreciate that. Even in the mid 40's early death is a result, it is none other than take my fate as this. Because they think I have been fairly good.
Now think about death like this.
"There's no shame to say other than that."

However, many non-case-law and helped to give up, and really worried that I could not help it.
Mr. Maruyama's parents and Madhouse.
Satoshi Kon's real parents, the parent of the animation director.
Although slower and not away everything except tell the truth.
乞Itai felt like forgiveness.

Maruyama's first sight of the face came to visit at home, feeling sad and tears were flowing uncontrollably.
"Sorry, I have become like her ..."
Mr. Maruyama said nothing, shaking hands Hold me in the face.
Was filled with gratitude.
As the angry waves, in the words of gratitude that I could work with people gathered for joy about this enough. It may sound exaggerated expression, not only be called so.
Thoughts that might be freely forgiven at once.

The biggest regret was the movie "dream machine" that is.
Film itself of course, also helped by concern that the guys participating. But, she could have more than enough to mention to everyone who came to draw and cut dead gone so far if you give the poor.
After all the original Satoshi Kon, screenplay, characters and world setting, storyboards, music, images ... they are burdened with all kinds of image sources.
Of course, animation director, including art director, and there are many that share a number of staff and basically do not know unless Satoshi Kon, I just can not make the content. Manipulated, but so far so I have to say my responsibility, no small effort to share the world from people and I will come. But this is the pain on the bone just echoing 軋Nda to write a postscript at the lack of virtue.
I apologize to all of the staff to hear that.
I also want to know a little Shiteyatsu.
I mean, what Satoshi Kon "those guys", and a little bit more and say why because I've got to create animation and even condensed Hennamono different.
It may say something quite arrogant, forgive me for the sake of cancer.

Does not drift I was waiting for death, the work also somehow survived the death Surubeku Satoshi Kon, comes without twisting the head. But it is also cheap trick.
Mr. Maruyama, "Machine Dreams" and convey the concerns of
"Yes. Do not worry, because whatever you want."
He says.
Another crying.
不義理 just come in repeatedly budget film production in the past, but eventually came to have them somehow always Maruyama.
This is the same. I am not making any progress.
Mr. Maruyama and must have been plenty of time to talk. Thanks, I have been feeling a little quite valuable in that it is now the industry talent and technology Satoshi Kon.
Talent is regrettable. I want to keep going somehow.
What a gift it is to go to Hell because 仰Ru some confidence that the Madhouse Maruyama anyway.
Needless to say that others certainly be lost without this detailed technical description of strange ideas and was too good and I simply had no choice.
Mr. Maruyama gave them the opportunity to serve the public is grateful. Thank you to really.
Satoshi Kon was lucky as animation director.

切Nakatta really tell the parents.
If true, the gun was going to report to parents living in Sapporo, while still useful for many personal liberty, progression of the disease is so frustrating Skanda, after all, that close call first thing in the hospital dying from sudden 極Marinai had supposed.
"I'm from the terminal pancreatic cancer die soon. Really good kids coming to birth mother and father, thanks."
Who would not be heard suddenly accumulated, at any rate when it was already wrapped in a premonition that death.

It back home, came across something about the critically ill of pneumonia.
Meet the parents decided to have a big decision.
Even my parents wanted to see.
Hard to meet, however, had no energy but a meeting with her parents to see a really glance. Directly gave birth to the world I wanted to thank.
I was really happy.
The others had a little more alive in a hurry, even my wife and parents, I'm sorry to all my favorite people.
Just for me and my selfishness, the next day at home with his parents from Sapporo.
Will never forget the words of my mother saw me and became bedridden.
"Hey I'm sorry! Yarenaku birth to the strong!"
I could find no reply to this.

But only briefly during 過Gosanakatta parents, was enough.
If you look at the face, and felt that all can understand, so it really was.

Thank you mom and dad.
I was much happier than anything that a child has been born into this world between the two.
Will be filled with countless memories and gratitude.
It is also important, but happiness itself, and not fit even if it had grown to appreciate the power happiness.
Thank you very much.

But prior to the parents of disobedient so during this decade, waving his arms like an animation director, achieve goals, got to go into evaluation. Unfortunately less and sell for Choi, I think that within its means.
This decade in particular, and I think that I lived in density than others, would have had me know the parents of my chest.

Be able to talk directly to parents and Maruyama, I think that under the pressure down.

Finally, the concern than anyone else, to my wife, who is reliable, but the end.
The two of us to tears many times that life expectancy since the adjudication. Another was the toughest day physically and mentally as well. Words can never be enough.
But, somehow come across every day trying to do too Shindoku, I did it thanks to a powerful statement to say the sentence that immediately thinks.
"I finish I'll be fine running mate."
As the word, as if my anxiety and surpass, the demands and requests from the traffic here and there like a big storm surge, now learn by watching others take care of a husband, stay alert and do not impressed me to see learned.
"I'm a great wife."
But say it now? I. No, I'm up and realized more than I ever had.
Even after death, I believe that good will probably turn out that Satoshi Kon.
I remember, since the marriage work "work" every day, and was able to gun you want can slow time at home, it does too.
But who is hard at work, it was me they understand that there is talent around the corner there. I was just happy, really.
Even on the eve of his death to live, even if you can not appreciate how. Thank you.

There is still a concern, of course, no end to them if a few. We need to end things.
Finally, we would nowadays quite difficult Hopefully you will accept, the doctor who agreed to terminal care at home Dr. H, K and his wife, a nurse in to tell a deep sense of gratitude to Mr..
Home health care that unimaginably inconvenient circumstances, you remove the tenacious way the pain of cancer or another, the efforts you make even a little comfort until the goal of death, how much it helped it.
In addition, patients fed the body of a big attitude and even just work far beyond the framework of just how much we backed the couple to contact you as a person than anything else, I do not know saved. There are many personalities also encouraged the couple to your teachers.
We deeply appreciate Itashi.

And, finally Finally, since I was just sentenced to life expectancy in mid-May, the extraordinary efforts and collaboration across public and private is not enough, two friends who is also the spiritual support . KON'STONE Ltd. friend from high school and also a member of the T, H sends a heartfelt thanks to the producer.
A thousand thanks. From my meager vocabulary, the more difficult to find adequate words of thanks, he did a couple aligned.
If two people dead and more painful way I would be near death, my wife had swallowed.
Everything and anything, really he did.
At. Sorry to be followed but with care, to die after feeding, or do you help my wife Kurenu.
Goin so I can ride safely in flight.
Sincerely ask.

Now, everyone who has a lengthy Tsuki合I place your text so far, thank you.
I want to thank all of good feeling with the world exists, that you try to brush.

Well, go ahead.

Satoshi Kon
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