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Time of Eve

Post by Freitag »

I think I could have put this post in any number of places on here.


Cool anime. 3 episodes are out and can be watched on the site.

The web site navigation is interesting

They talk about the difference between humans a androids (they don't do cyberized, just fully human or fully machine)

The exploration of love is an exploration of what it means to be most human.

Oh, and then I had to download new codecs for both my PC and my Palm to watch this thing.

Yup, this anime has a little of everything.

If anyone can get the .mkv to play smoothly on a Treo 680 (Palm OS, not Windoze) let me know what you did. I'm using TCPMP.

I have 3 players on my PC (that volunteer to show these files) and only one of them shows the English subtitles. All of them tell me the subs exist, but only one shows it. Media Player 11 (fail), Zoom Player (fail), Media Player Classic (FTW)
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Post by Jeff Georgeson »

Looks very interesting! I've only watched the trailer, but I like the look of it and the ideas that seem to be behind it.

The site is very cool, too! BTW, the English language version is at http://timeofeve.com/e/.

The stream is available at Crunchyroll (http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Time_of_Eve). I think this is an "official" release (according to the original site; they're the ones who linked me to Crunchyroll in the first place).

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Post by Luke »

The Time of Eve movie was featured on the UK Anime network site & podcast.

It won

Best movie 2014
Best overall anime 2014
& Readers choice 2014

I hadn't heard of it until now so will definitely have to check it out.
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