Innocence - two different English dubs - thoughts

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Innocence - two different English dubs - thoughts

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I noticed that there is a BD 1080p release by Afro, which includes the Manga UK dub & the Bang Zoom! Dub. This release also fixes the audio pitch of the Manga UK dub (for anyone who doesn't know, some releases have the wrong pitch due to film transfer FPS/sound mixing) so at least it sounds good.

What I know:
1. Manga UK was the first dub, and uses the Gits SAC cast. Based on a translation different from Bang Zoom!
2. Bang Zoom! was the second dub for the American release, using the Gits SAC cast again, but based on a new translation - which is the same translation used in the subtitles.

What I'd like to know:
Which dub is the best representation/translation?

My impressions:
1. The Manga UK dub seems to be more english fluent, the lines flow very smoothly. Batou seems to be more himself, you can hear his personality coming through. He also swears more.
2. The Bang Zoom! dub seems very 'literal' and descriptive. The lines seem less emotional, and some of the philosophy sounds like it's out of a textbook, rather than a verbal memory interpretation.

9 minute mark: Chief Aramaki briefing Batou and Togusa

Bang Zoom!
< There are two reasons for our involvement at this time
< the first is there aren't going to be any lawsuits filed by the next of kin
< any potential suits against the manufacturer Locus Solus have been settled out of court
< second, there was a politician amongst the group of victims that were killed
< as well as a public security official who'd recently retired
< it's possible this was a terrorist act
< therefore it falls under our purview whether we ought to head up this case
< Ishikawa and Azuma, you run down leads on the victims
< and I want you two to check out the gynoids in question

Notes: 1. Big mistake, Ishikawa and Azuma were not in the briefing room 2. You wouldn't say 'there aren't going to be any lawsuits filed' since you don't know that, you'd say what Manga UK said, that there haven't been any yet. 3. Who the hell says 'falls under our purview'. etc.

Manga UK:
< Right now section nines involved for two reasons
< first of all not one single family has filed a lawsuit
< in every single case all the complainants have settled with Locus Solus out of court
< second, the victims include a retired public safety cop
< a very high level politician and other officials
< because terrorism is a possible motive in this case
< we need to determine whether section nine needs to get involved in it or not
< Ishikawa and Azuma are getting background checks on the victims
< I want you two to check out the gynoids in question

Notes: 1. They got the Ishikawa and Azuma issue sorted 2. The dialogue seems more natural to me. 3. I like how he says that terrorism was a possible motive - the word motive was not used in Bang Zoom!

I'd really like to see other peoples views on these two dubs, obviously it's best to listen to the section that I've noted to hear the inflection and flow in their voices etc. I'm sure there are many other great examples in the film, has anyone else noticed discrepancies between these two dubs? I'm mainly just happy that there is a release with a pitch corrected Manga UK version now, because beforehand I would watch the Bang Zoom! dub solely for the reason that they sounded correct.
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