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Discussions about the first film (Ghost in the Shell) and the second (Innocence)

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About SSS...

Post by Apocalypta »

I am looking for the name of the track played during the Major's and Batou's discussion in the closing minutes of Solid State Society.

I've listened through the Solid State Society Soundtrack, but was wondering if it was perhaps an older song on one of the SAC OSTs.

I know its a rather lame topic, but I have been looking and looking, and this just seems like a good place to ask, assuming someone here probably knows.

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help. :D
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Post by Chroma »

I think the music theme of the discussion is a derived version of "take a little hand" but more instrumentally driven. (Voices faded)

At the end, it goes on "date of rebirth" but that was more easy.
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