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S.A.C._2045 Episodes

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:30 pm
by GhostLine
Episode One "No Noise No Life- Sustainable War"

Several years after Solid State Society, the world falls into an economic global conflict between the major powers, leading into the "Sustainable War" endless conflict of global destabilization, yet profitable for the military industrial complex.

in 2045, Section 9 is long disbanded...and we find a reformed crew, called GHOST, retreating into Palm Springs, California with beers and ammo...still technologically retrofitted enough to take down a ragtag militia of raiders who are looking to win some local control over resources in a collapsed society. Even though a failed Global Simultaneous Default initiative tried to even the score, an apple is $25.

Meanwhile in Japan, Togusa is left disfranchised from the old crew, living the life of a divorced investigator. He gets a surprise call from Aramaki, wondering if he's interested in doing a new job involving the Prime Minister. This first episode ends with the GHOST team engaging on the amateur militia who seem to be mysteriously well-armed....

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 9:53 am
by GhostLine
Episode 2: "At Your Own Risk_Divided By a Wall"

GHOST engages the enemy, which seems to be made up of former college American football players with a formidable A.I. drone and a tank...who all pay fealty to a mysterious "Good One-Percenter". The action ensues as the team are in hot pursuit try to take down the enemy before they reach their target objective on the opposite side of "The Wall"

Togusa meets Aramaki, learning that the new American-born Prime Minister is proposing to reform a new Section 9 Public Security. Togusa agrees to work with Aramaki as well as track down the old Section 9 crew.

GHOST successfully stops the advance of the footballers, but not before the drone fires off a missile and destroys a prominent structure on the other side of The Wall, apparently an area where the affluent live. Copters drop down and GHOST is ordered by a unit of Special Teams to drop their weapons.

I'm still feeling out the series after the first two episodes. I'm a little thrown off by the new motion capture 3D take of the show, but still there is a large familiarity to the cast and crew, not to mention the English voice cast that we have learned to love. Batou made the 3D transfer well while Togusa looks like pretty boy all of a sudden. There's also a new comedy-relief character on the GHOST crew (Clown).

The Major looks younger while not as young as ARISE version. She looks at times like a doll (maybe that's the point), so it's hard to sometimes view this as connected to the other seasons.

2nd episode was a little more the first seemed a bit flat...and I can tell that it intends to build up to something, so we shall see.

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 3:27 pm
by GhostLine
Episode 3: "Maverick-M.I.A."

GHOST is forced to surrender to a mysterious American agent and his team of cyber Delta Force Soldiers.

Meanwhile, Togusa dives into the dark web to track down GHOST, learning that they have been contracted by Obsidian, a Private Military Corporation. He flies off to California interview Obsdidian.

The US Agent reveals himself to GHOST as John Smith...eerily similar to Agent Smith in The Matrix. He cares little about the missile incident...instead, he force-employs GHOST for a "rescue mission".

Togusa meets with the Obsidian president...only to learn that GHOST has disappeared, so Togusa rents a Mustang and heads to Palm Springs.

The GHOST team undergoes VR Delta Force training containing unusually difficult challenges and receive program upgrades. They conclude that this so-called rescue mission may be even a greater challenge. Overseeing their training, John Smith tells his own team that he wants the GHOST members eliminated after they complete their mission.

Back in Palm Springs, Togusa retraces GHOST's digital footprints and stumbles across a hiding Tachikoma.

I'm still trying to feel out this it seems as much has collapsed, the corporations still are technology is still advancing. Togusa especially, we seem him constantly swiping ad pop-ups from his wi-fi vision...and he discovers that the Taco Truck vendor lady is being employed as a public camera (much like the intercepters in Season 1) after she had undergone cyberization and selling her organs. Inflation in Palm Springs is out of control as a taco is $1800 and public parking is $50 per half hour.
Reminds me of Revelation 6:6 "...a quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius...."

Not much for action in this episode...more of a build up episode. I think I am getting someone accustomed to the animation format...but I am noticing that Motoko is far better rendered than all of the rest of the players...more attention to the details on her skin and attire.

Re: S.A.C._2045 Episodes

Posted: Mon May 23, 2022 2:55 pm
by Freitag
According to a friend of mine Netflix is presently airing the second season!

Episode Guide.