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Talk about the live-action Ghost in the Shell film here
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Makeup and Hairsttyle Guild nominated GitS for having outstanding makeup eefcts adnd whatnot.
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Freitag wrote: Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:46 pm
moreorless wrote:One other film that comes to mind for me is Johassen's own Lucy from a couple of years ago ... and then actually undermining the typical superhero wish fulfilment fantasy by having her newfound abilities shown negatively in costing much of her humanity
that reminds me of a cyberpunk genre game I played in the 80s. Typical RPG in most ways but you also had a humanity stat. Every augmentation decreased your humanity be a certain amount. I forget what the threshold was but your character would become essentially unplayable at that point. For game balance that was probably a way to prevent what in GitS is called full cyberization. I recall they suggested that your character would become psychotic; think Street Preacher from Johnny Mnemonic - too much lost humanity.
I finally got around to watching Lucy. It was edited for television, so I think a script already intended to be a bit ambiguous lost even more footing.

There were scenes in there though that were very much Motoko - when Lucy was putting people to sleep or preventing them from moving it was so very much like Motoko's cyberbrain hacking.

Realistic? No. Fun? Yup!
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