Border 2: Ghost Whisper (SPOILERS)

Here you'll find news and tidbits about the upcoming Ghost in the Shell anime "Arise"!
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Border 2: Ghost Whisper (SPOILERS)

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Just watched this one.

I'm still digesting the new series on the top level, story, but I think I'm already seeing a theme. Where the SAC explored "what does it mean to be human" this seems to be exploring "what is the nature of reality?". In episode 1 the Major has had to deal with her own perceptions being distorted and her memories being falsified. And here in episode 2 she finds and cleans a memory virus in other people.

I guess ghost hacking is a lot more common in Arise than in SAC.

I'm sad about the change in Saito's origin story. He comes across as such a big wishy washy money grubbing douche in this version.

For a while I wondered if the blonde was actually the SAC Motoko and we were going to discover that the Arise Motoko was a shard of her personality living in a virtual world. But nope.[/i]
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This was my least favorite episode.
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