MSN debate.

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MSN debate.

Post by Colmy_DD »

This is an idea that was GitS inspired. in season one, episode 9 where they are debating the issue of the laughing man and i considered that his place has little motivation when the series or films or manga are not about and so i think if we had about 6 people on msn talking about a contemporary issues whilst there are people watching in the background. if people have skype, we could do it over that. this is just an idea as it might be a productive thing to do.
What i'd thought i'd do is pretend to be one of those individuals... or should i??
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Post by Saito »

This sorta thing would be best suited to the IRC channel. Everyone has access to that and they don't have to give out their MSN contact. I don't mind, but a lot of people do not like to give theirs out.

Full instructions on logging into IRC are in the 'Chat! Chat! Chat! Official IRC Channel' thread.
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