Mind controlled prosthetics

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Mind controlled prosthetics

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Sort of in reverse.

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101022/ap_ ... obotic_arm

But it's cool that such technology is in the works and in the public domain already.

If this happened in the GitS world, I'd say he was hacked.
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hm mind controlled prosthetics....its a huge factor and is the main basis for Ghost in the Shell, and is a vary important subject, sure many movies and shows in the past have had robots and cyborgs but it is different in GITS it gives the subject more meaning,but i digress it's vary likely that full body prosthetics could become reality

I cant say much about the subject other than this, there was an old friend of mine who said this " The ship came from space, why? who knows perhaps to study the race that live on the planet, they came to the city and behold in disbelief, eyes, stare that would not blink and words were whispered but mouths moved not, and the ship left, silence no words were spoken but questions were asked but not answered," :l-man:
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