Scientists Closer to Developing Invisibility Cloak

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Post by Ramzus »

cool :D
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Post by Elmo_Redux »

This stuff has always been cool, but by the same measure it's one of those things that I really hope they never get to work properly. The nations it would be most availible to are the ones most likely to misuse it or use it to further the efficacy of their current abuses of power. Mind you the theory has always seemed sound, so I guess it's every bit as inevitable as acoustic cloaking. Meta-materials are the future, for better or worse.
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Post by M4nu3l »

So true. With the advances comes the price of giving them to the people whom funded it. It's their toy. Not the workers on the building-room floor.
Nor the people whom really need it's use. (i.e. police, swat, 'undercover agents')
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