Aiko, the artificial intelligence robot.

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Aiko, the artificial intelligence robot.

Post by marto_motoko »

Honestly, she's fascinating. I just feel very bad for her. I hope that her first perceived emotion isn't one of mistreatment, or neglect toward her as a living being.

Videos of Aiko for those who are clueless on what I'm talking about:

This is the one that I find most interesting: ... re=related

just a demo video

Aiko when she was still first being developed

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Post by GhostLine »

It was a little strange seeing the designer grab at the android's boob.
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Post by Saito »

Still undoubtedly 'artificial', but I guess these things progress from somewhere. Am I the only persons who's freaked out by semi-human looking robots? Maybe it's just because it's so human yet not so human.

One thing I find weird is that games companies can make much more realistic AI in games, especially where reactions are concerned, than these people seem to be able to make in real life models. What gives with that.
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Post by Elmo_Redux »

it's a bit valley of the uncanny..
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