Parallels with the Real World?

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Parallels with the Real World?

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Is the role played by micromachine therapy in the Stand Alone Complex story similar to the role of the mRNA vaccine in our recent past?

The scandal exposed by Aoi that the advancement of the novel micromachine therapy and the suppression of the Murai vaccine led to many unnecessary deaths reminds me so very much of the novel mRNA vaccine and the excess deaths caused by the lockdowns that prevented people from receiving treatment for other conditions.

I know people that died because of the virus and I know people that died because they were denied treatments for pre-existing conditions. The hospitals were not even "full" but access was prevented just in case they might be needed for a serge in infections. And the evidence is mounting that there are some people that have reacted badly to the mRNA vaccine and died from complications caused by it. All of this very much seems like the events uncovered in that email that Aoi stumbled up.

It is interesting to note that the Murai vaccine is named after a real situation where the Maruyama vaccine was suppressed by the Japanese government. Life imitating art that imitated life.

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