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Hello everyone.

New user here. Currently 21 years old. I can recall seeing an ad for Ghost in the Shell in an old Stars Wars comic when I was really young. But I can recall nothing more than that.

I had never heard much more about it, except merely the high regard many held it in.

Myself, I figured I wouldn't be very interested in it. But over the years I slowly found myself becoming more and more interesting in Anime as time when on. My tastes changed over time, as I imagine is the same for everyone.

As a person, I am quite friendly, honest to a fault and very trustworthy. I am also quite understanding and approachable. My tastes are plentiful, as I enjoy so many different dynamics of living. I also make it a point to turn away no one and do everything I can for those I encounter. Heh, it has been a pretty good experience thus far.

My hobbies include video gaming, writing, going for long walks and watching Anime and film in general.

Game franchaises I enjoy are rather diverse: Super Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden, Monkey Island, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Uncharted, and King of Fighters are the ones I hold the most dear.

That alone should give us plenty to talk about, but if not, I am also a fan of the following Anime: Gungrave, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Full Metal Panic, Gun X Sword, Soul Eater and Cowboy Bebop.

As far as Television goes, the only thing I watch is NCIS. Which I also value highly.

If you had asked me three weeks ago what I thought about Ghost in the Shell, I wouldn't have been able to tell you.

However, upon obtaining the entire series, in the last handful of weeks I have succeeded in watching both movies and both series of Stand Alone Complex. I have yet to obtain a copy of Solid State Society but that will be remedied shortly.

I have to say that few things have capitivated me as much as Ghost in the Shell and I'd be hard pressed to find something I like more.

But I'm sure there will be plenty of time and opportunity to get into a Ghost in the Shell related topic.

Feel free to send me a message either here or to my PM inbox.
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welcome to the shell squad!

everyone here pops in every now and then, so you may find us slowly responding to newcomers. there is lots you will find in the philsophy section to catch up on with all of our musings, and you will find some really deep history. it's mostly quiet because there hasn't been a whole lot of news concerning GitS, but we are awaiting the Live-Action Film that is in the works...and also talk of a Stand Alone Complex based manga...sooo.....

new thoughts and perspectives are always welcome!
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I think you'll find that the people here are friendly and to have very similar and sometimes very dissimilar traits (all at the same time!)

Welcome aboard!
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Hey welcome here!!

Hope we can share some clever talks.
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