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No I'm afraid not - I was only born eleven years later unfortunately!
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Oh well, worth a try. Thanks :)
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Hey Everyone

My name is Phil and I just found this forum, sorry to join late on the discussion. I am a big fan, happy to find others to talk about Ghost in the Shell with.
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You might find us a little... quiet. But be assured that if you talk we will reply.

Nice sig btw.
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hi there.
What i'd thought i'd do is pretend to be one of those individuals... or should i??
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Hello, hello, hello!

Yeah it's quiet ^^. But good quiet. In cyberspace no-one can hear you type! Ha ha ha.

Have fun though ^.^
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well, i feel the the hive just moving in...

Hi there and enjoy your stay, we dont bite....... much.!!
What i'd thought i'd do is pretend to be one of those individuals... or should i??
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Hello, my name is David and I've actually only been a fan for just under a year, but I couldn't help but get sucked in.

I was exposed to SAC first; and its slightly more realistic artstyle (than other anime) threw me a bit (as well as Togusa's mullet, lol) but after catching a few episodes on Adult Swim (S1 ep 25 and S2 ep26 we some of the first ones I saw, lol) I was intrigued and wound up eventually watching both seasons and then all three films across various video sites. I'm a bigger fan of SAC than the original film, mainly for the continuity (still, I feel the 95 film is spectacular). Mostly I fell in love with how realistic, not only the presentation (being so not anime-ish) but in the implications and philosophical angles.

So for about 11 months now I've had all this stuff rattling around in my brain and no one to discuss it with. Finally I found this place! I look forward to many lively discussions on everything from the degradation of individuality and humanity to how darn adorable those Tachikoma are!
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hi, welcome to our space.... enjoy your time here.
What i'd thought i'd do is pretend to be one of those individuals... or should i??
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Hey David. Nice to have you here.

:) Looking forward to chit chatting with you!

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Hi there, everybody!
Finally I made my way to this wonderful place :D
Two years ago, everything started with a digital version of the first film "Ghost in the Shell". I think I leeched it from a friend on a LAN party, but I´m not sure about it...
Since then I tried (successfully) to get my hands on every (film-)material dealing with ghost in the shell. Internet is a great thing, you know.
For gods sake, the local music television (MTV gemany ;) ) decidet to broadcast a german translated version of the SAC gigs, so I was able to get this fun for free^^ (yes, I was able to make a digital record ;) )...
After this positive experience with anime, i tried some other stuff (that I partial liked), but I got to lern that there is a LOT of crap out there. So gits is still my favourite one, especially the SAC gigs episodes dealing with socitey and/or sociology are outstanding.

Something more about me? I´m 20 years young, living in Oldenburg, Germany (it´s nearby Bremen, something about 40kilometers in the west of is...).
Enough about me, lets roll.
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Greetings all!!!

Post by Ciero9 »

Greetings all!

I've been skulking around this site since December, but never really saw any topics I had to absolutely reply to. :roll: Yesterday I did. So here I am. :D

I started watching GITS:SAC last year when I inadvertently taped it on Adult Swim. After seeing the first ten minutes of episode 1 was hooked! :shock: When AS changed their scehdule after showing only episode 2, I went out and bought the boxed sets of both 1st and 2nd gig. Watched the entire 1st gig in one afternoon/evening.

I'm studying to be a certified public account, but one of my first majors was philosophy. I'm also teaching myself Nihongo.

Anyways, it's great to finally come out and say, "hi y'all!"
It all balances out ... in the end.
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Post by GhostLine »

Welcome both Plug&Play and Ciero!
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Post by barney »

Hmm...half a year in, & I also realize that I`ve never taken the time to introduce myself, so...

Hiya, I`m barney, also known as,er,well barney to be honest (no purple dinosaur jokes,please-almost without fail as the years go by friends` offspring have insisted on singing the theme tune to that bloody show to me when I pop in...).

I`m a few days shy of being exactly the same age as Night Of The Living Dead, an anime/zombie/John Carpenter/videonasty collecting obssessive, twice divorced & the proud father of 4 (3 sons ,1 daughter, ages 17-23, so the Father`s Day gifts aren`t school/homemade anymore!).

I live in a place in NW England called Accrington (yes, the place in the milk ads), but originally hailed from (&failed to grow up in..) a town a few miles away called Blackburn, moving 10 yrs ago after deciding that living in the same town as both ex-wives was asking for trouble...

You might bump into me on other sites for anime including Love Hina, chobits, Dominion Tank Police, Appleseed & Urusei Yatsura, but under the name barniac68 (hey,I had to come up with SOMETHING when I set up an email account for the 1st time this year, &fans of that bloody purple dinosaur made it really difficult to register a name).

Oh yeah, I don`t have any manga at the moment:I want to but being borderline OCD re:my odd hobbies, I decided to heed the words of Louis Armstrong - " We have all the time in the world..."

Look forward to chatting with you all in the near future.
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Hello all, I'm Vamsi, from India. I stumbled across this series accidentally two years back and to think of when did the Manga actually had been released and when I've seen it and comprehended it, I'm just glad I atleast came across G.I.T.S. rather than missing it. I'm a huge fan of metal music.

I'll write something interesting here, knowing I was real late when it came down to tracking G.I.T.S forums and interest groups, it took me about 3-4 hours of looking around on the internet to be referred to this place, I checked just about everything possible, the official site, fan sites, fan-everything to find a forum where people seriously discuss G.I.T.S and this place seems to be like it. I am fascinated by everything in the series, the philosophy, the futuristic view, the ideas in short, everything. Looking forward to good discussions.
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