Hi guys!

Tell us about yourself!
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Hi guys!

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Hi! My name is Martin and I'm from Bariloche, Argentina. I'm an old fan of GitS, read the manga (not MMI yet) and watched all movies and series, my favorite being SAC. Also played all the PS games but not the recent PC shooter.

The truth is, I've been watching this forums for years now, but never participated (almost since the old Production IG took out their forums); so I'm really familiar with everything here :)

I like scale models and have a few of GitS but haven't build none yet.

Well, that's me ;P

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Post by Kojima »

Hello Valkeriepm, nice to meet you! :D

My username is Kojima and I'm also (slightly) new here, but it is good to see you here.
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Post by Freitag »

Hola y que tal.

Glad to have more folks participating these days. GitS really is a global phenomenon that brings people together for the enjoyment of the material and to talk over the philosophical topics it brings up and to examine the view of the future that Shirow proposed way back when.

SAC was my first into to the characters and remains my favorite also. I've never had the dexterity to paint models well, good luck with yours!
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