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Site question

Post by Freitag »

So the page failed to load for some kind of DNS error and I worried for a bit that this place was gone.

I know this place is not buzzing list some boards, but it's fun. And I re-read old posts from time to time. If hosting fees get to be an issue, please let us know and I bet several of us would kick in bucks to keep it going.
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Post by Jeff Georgeson »

A DNS error ... that's odd.

No worries about the hosting fees, but thanks for offering! :) The hosting and registration fees are relatively low (less than $120 per year), and I enjoy the site as well, even though I haven't updated in ages. It's nearing twenty years old ... wow ...

I remember the big database crash from several years ago, and wish I had the data from that version of the Boards to share as well. Talk about a GitS discussion archive ...

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