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EPISODE 1 -- Day Dreams and Night Tripper / Geofront

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 11:37 pm
by Slipstream

An opening shows Roy Sharon on a beach chair, taking in the sun, chomping on a cigar. He is on the top floor of an 8th story building, surrounded by towers a kilometer taller.


“Megatech Body Corporation – Etorufu”

A spark…a small explosion. Then a quarter of the building falls into dust…

Back at Section 10 Headquarters, the group is called into the Holoroom where they are greeted by Aramaki and a short briefing:

“This occurred 40 minutes ago”

An image of the Megatech Body Corporation appears. A large building in Bertarve. A smoke plume emanating from the side. A huge section has fallen away.

“18 people were severely injured when 50 grams of C16 detonated. The Human liberation Front claimed responsibility. The damage was extensive. An entire new run of Class A Cyborg bodies were destroyed. This was not some amateur stunt. Their communiqué was leaked onto an encrypted security net. The transmission was traced to abandoned area in the bay. We expect an ambush.”

Sharon and Katana go to investigate Megatech while Gregori and Ben go to the Bay. Megatech’s files indicate one order was wiped out…and only one order. It lists no purchaser and payment. Katana indicates it looks like an obvious hack. Someone broke into the system and created the order that the assembly line built. It was due to be shipped out when it was destroyed. The crate was brought out of the shipping truck and detonated the moment being placed on the bed—an obvious base location for explosive. The bed truck was an automated model that originated from the Bay docks. It seems unlikely the HLF staged the Invoice to destroy the cyborgs because they could have easily have targeted a real shipment.

Thirty Cyborgs in total were destroyed. They are all high-end Class A Combat models. Features indicate a lack of sexaroid functions. 20 were male, 10 were female. Half the males were strength-based, the other Agility-based. The profiles had not been installed so they had not left the factory with identifiable markings. Hair, fingerprints, eye color…none had been implanted yet. They were blanks.

Diving into the invoice finds it was made at the factory floor, which is why it didn’t need to have a payment option or customer ID. There is a shipment location. The location is 10 blocks away from Megatech, an empty warehouse. Its doubtful anyone is there as they probably saw the explosion. Sharon and Kat investigate anyway.

Yup…the warehouse is empty…There is a record of ownership. Sagawa Electronics. No cameras nearby recorded any arrivals and the building looks like it hadn’t been used in ten years.

Hacking into the Bay computers shows Greg two trucks arriving full of armed HLF members. A leader is identified, Codenamed Hitomigo. He replaced Zebra 27 when Section 9 killed him a few years ago. The HLF has been in shambles since the incident on the floating island, another incident with Section 9. If Hitomigo is here, that means this is the work of the New World Brigade….or a cell of them. Hitomigo is known for being a religious man but not a zealot—he doesn’t preach.

There is no audio in the video.

The HLF members at the bay are not professionals and put up a
firefight when Gregori and Ben break into the bay complex. They are holding off when the leader escapes into the sewer system. Ben flips one of the crates over to prevent a terrorist from grabbing a gun, and releases one of the C-16 bombs. The explosion kills most of the terrorists and injures both Ben and Gregori, the latter falling down the sewer pipe. Katana and Roy arrive.

The bay area and trucks have several crates. Some have explosives, a few have weapons, and one opened white crate with Styrofoam innards. Looks like it held a cyberbrain, now missing. The crates all have military stamps from the GSDF except the computer one. It was not labeled, but one side has been burned away by a torch. Any emblem that was there is gone. The military stamp leads to a Etorufu based Supply depot.

That depot was raided two days ago and the thief was caught on camera. The stolen good and the weapons were the same. The AI cyberbrain required a power source, which was left behind. It lists a Sagawa manufacturer but its details could not be traced. Ben calls his contacts in Sagawa for information. Gregori and Sharon investigate who could have hacked into Megatech’s mainframe. Gregori knows most of the Hackers in Bertarve but none of them would help the HLF. There are many anarchists but the HLF despises cybernetics, which all hackers possess. Ben discovers that a security alert had been triggered at the Sagawa Geofront.

The Geofront is still under construction. There are a few security personnel. The building security network has not been installed. However, its nuclear reactor was brought down recently. Construction personnel are currently working on the building on top…. the lower levels are virtually empty at night save for an extensive selection of Security Robots.

It’s a maze down there. Ben downloads the plans but the doors must be opened manually.

There is no activity above…its all down below…the terrorists are making a run for the Nuclear Reactor. Gregori hacks into the Geofront AI and rewires the security robots to converge on the Terrorists location in hopes of slowing them down. Meanwhile, Sharon, Ben, and Katana make their way down.

The terrorists have an AI Cyberbrain and plan on using it to overload the reactor. Its AI is different than the Geofront’s main and the reactor cannot be controlled from Greg’s location. He detaches where he is and makes for the others’ location.

Some bad guys are there. The reactor is going critical. A virus has infiltrated the reactor. Gregori must first break into the reactor’s protective walls and then break through the virus barrier, then defeat it. Then the reactor can be safely shut down. That will also kill the security robots.

Hitomigo is critically wounded in the firefight. He has no cyberbrain…so his memories are his own. He will mutter before he dies, “And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea.”

Gregori dives over the reactor and quickly plugs in. He manages to shut down the reactor before the radiation reached damaging levels. He initiates a safe shutdown.

Katana Fukabari announces Sagawa’s security force has been alerted and are coming down in force. Time to leave. They escape successfully.

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 3:35 am
by MiNaeClem
I read the 2 episodes of your game and I wonder what's gonna happen. However, I didn't catch the background of your game. Is it after SAC or the movies? Moreover what is Section 10?

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 2:40 pm
by Slipstream
Read the post on this page titled, "My Stand Alone Complex" and that will reveal the details. It is set between SAC 1 and 2.