Episode 19: Hidden Executive / 3MT

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Episode 19: Hidden Executive / 3MT

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A large rain forest. A bungalow sits surrounded by trees.


Inside, a man with goggles is working on something. There is a computer behind him. The man speaks, "Come on, just a little farther”
A very attractive blonde woman with straight hair and glasses walks in wearing a lab coat.
“Do you have it?”
He hands her a small clear, closed off petri dish container. Inside is grey organic matter with wires coming out.
“That’s it…” She asks.
“Problem is getting it out.”
“Don’t worry Harrison…” She smiles while holding the chip…


Searching through Calliedh’s brain, Greg comes across an encrypted file. In it contains account numbers from the Daymen Marketing group. A few of them are for members of Calliedh’s assault team. They are various mercenaries around the world. There are a few others for other people, names no one can find. It may require some more work. One of them is for a cargo module (basically an extra large PO Box) at the Docks.

There, the group skillfully enters the locked facility. With the help of the dock coordinator, they find a crate. Inside, they find a sculpture. Taking it back to Section 10, they investigate what this means. Anna Shoun stumbles in…she recognizes it.

"Well I’d say there's some collector in Japan who doesn't want to pay punitive freight rates for something that's already cost him an arm and a leg."

When asked, she continues.

"Pre-Colombian Sculpture. Well I’d sat it was Mian, which would make it, what, 2 000 years old."

Everyone looks at her odd…

“Well I took Art as well as Medicine. Well don't let it throw you. The course did include Creative Spitting and Spray can for Beginners as well as Pre-Columbian Art."

Investigating it finds it to be a fake…and lighter than it should be.
The one thing that tipped them off about the fake is the fact of a tell-tall mark of construction is on it, namely a long thin mark consistent with a laser scalpel. The Replica has recently been sliced in two.

The slice on the replica could be because somebody cut it open to put something inside.

The Medical does have a Catscan...several as a matter of fact. Shoun starts to tell stories of when a doctor scanned some Egyptian clay work that later found to contain 40 lbs of cocaine.

Scanning the sculpture showed a small compartment inside. The object inside looks like a small bottle attached to plate of some kind. The cost to buy this replica and cut it open would be more than the maximum amount of the most expensive drug that could fit in the opening. Greg begins to investigate who could create such a replica. Meenwhile Sharron examines what is found inside…

Nobody knows what it is. It looks like a computer chip. But no one has any idea what kind. No one has any idea what the small capsule on top of it is for. The Catscan did reveal a chemical inside...specifically Nucleic Acid Chains (BioChemistry).

Greg narrows the search down to three companies: One in Japan, one in America, and the other in South America. Greg breaks into the American supplier’s website and finds one shipment of the specific replica going into Japan. Checking the names with collectors of Pre-Columbian Art finds a hit, one of Dr. William Scalia. He lives in Kyushu.

He is nervous but cooperative. He worked for Phyrine 15 years ago. However, the memories of the location of the building and its details have been erased. It was part of his contract. He does remember the building had 60 floors and he worked on floor 35.

He does remember a good friend of his was a collector and sent his samples from his Bungalow in Columbia. He was a genius. His friend in Columbia was a brilliant Cyberneticist and BioChemist named Harrison Rav. Sharron drops the name to his American contact that adds that if this scientist has any value, and then Section 10 may be competing with American interests.

The chip is a new advanced form of Wetwear. It uses encoding sequences built in the Nucleic Acid chains. It encodes RNA like a Human Cell. It is capable of holding huge amounts of information. It can't be altered by any magnetic or gravitational field. It is immune to most forms of damage and is completely safe against all forms of Anti--System assaults. It has regenerative capabilities to reform after even a power surge.

He did work for Phyrine but has no knowledge of BAAL. Rav is the one to ask. He also adds he was also developing wetwear computers. This was back before Asuda made the Neurochip. They made four prototypes. Rav has one. The other three were scrapped but the group might be able to find one. Greg asks Ben who strains his contact at Sagawa to extract the information. The contact curmudgeonly agrees. The only one known to them is locked in a safe at Nanoplant Industries. Nanoplant will not allow entry by anyone. The group breaks in. Sharron impersonates a guard and Greg hijacks the security chief at Nanoplant to allow Sharron’s entry. Sharron makes it into the freight elevator and the lift drops to the storage level. He finds a chain-link fence with a standard master lock attached.

The room is dark. There is a camera here, but it is non-operational. Ahead is the single computer. It is a bulbous, organic-looking black machine. When Sharron activates the machine, it spasms, then starts breathing. When he installs the chip into the input motherboard, the screen comes on showing a 3D blueprint of some kind of motive system. Looks like plans for arm servos and leg actuators but they are designed exactly like human muscles and bones. The blueprints are two months old and have the title “Variant 3.” Where is variant one and two and how old are they? The name listed shows Harrison Rav. Unbeknownst to Sharron, when he leaves the room, the camera in the corner sees him and follows him, step by step, out of the room.

Sharron receives a communication from his CIA contact. They found Harrison Rav in Columbia. He supplies him with coordinates and adds that Rav was once part of a think tank group years ago…but was once the premiere cyberneticists on the planet.

Kobotai receives permission…Section 10 is going to Columbia…

To Be Continued…
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