Episode 16: A Case to be opened / Waste Dump

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Episode 16: A Case to be opened / Waste Dump

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Unfortunetly, Section 10 must justify its existence by continuing their job. A recent inspection of the Santonia-Ogura launch system staff found drugs in the locker of an Italian employee, Angelo Pordanoni. Section 10 has been directed to investigate the drugs and if there is a smuggling route into Etorufu that can be cut off. Santonia-Ogura is a space-dumper corporaton. They launch rockets of nuclear waste to the sun. They do a very good job of it. However, before the Section 10 flight can take off, a word comes down from the company.

Elsewhere, at the distant launch platform of Santonia-Ogura, one of the dumper rockers has fallen on its side.


Section 10 leaves to investigate anyway. They have to go by ground. The drug find was not a small misdemeanor. It was a full brick of Herion Concentrate 46. The launch system has been sealed off.

There are no broken seals so the radiation was contained but the entire facility is on high alert. Kobotai wants Section 10 to investigate the entire Santonia-Ogura setup.

At SO-Corp, the director, Kodanashi Kawai offers the group a tour of the facility. Of course, many containers have radiation seals so cannot be opened. The drugs were found in the locker of an Italian employee, Pordanoni. However, Pordanoni has not showed up for work. They have his home address. However, the investigation here must continue. Kobotai asks Sharron to go.

At Pordanoni’s house, Sharron is attacked by Pordanoni, who tries to inject something in him. Luckily Pordanoni is killed by his own syringe. The police soon arrive. However, when they check Section 10’s car, they find a brick of the same drug.

At the corporation, Kawai has little knowledge of Pordanoni’s activities. The launch is being remounted for computer graphic reconstruction. They can then examine their findings. Studying up on Pordanoni shows him working for SO-Corp for about a year, coming from five years from Japanese mining firm, Sunzec.

Sharron is in trouble. The Invesitigator from Section 1 wants to detain Roy until they can prove the drugs were planted. Kobotai manages to talk Sharron free. Meenwhile, Ben and Greg are given a report from SO-Corp about the cause on the Dumper crash. He hands them a Sunzec blasting cap. Maybe Pordanoni planted that before being arrested as revenge. He did work for Sunzec which is only a few miles away. The blasting pack was found in the guidance system. Only a few employees could do that. Kawai could, as could his engineers, as Pordanoni. Angelo was an angry man often. He had emotion…rage.

“Sabotauge…more towards your talents than searching people’s lockers. Find out who would want to damage my company’s reputation for safety. That would justify your exsistence!”

Sunzec is a mining consortium with offshore operations. The mining head is a woman, Mamele Conarini. She doesn’t believe anyone could plant an explosive on the launch pad. They all work near the launch pad…why would anyone do that? She gives Section 10 free reign even though some of their rooms are security protected. No one at Sunzec or Ogura have criminal records. However, Conarini’s father was a real crime lord. He got gunned down in a subway under a commission from crime bosses. Tracking back shows a connection between Conarini and Kawai. Kawai’s cousin’s father is a suspected Yakuza father.

Examining the drug finds it of Russian manufacture. This makes little sense other than to frame Section 10 and dishonor them.

Kobotai adds that Section 1 is planning on laying charges against Sharron. They are attesting that Sharron was smuggling drugs. The theory is that Sharron used Section 10 to get close to Pordanoni for giving up smuggling route and killed him to stop him talking.

Greg hacks into Sunzec and Ogura. He finds something odd in Ogura. The shuttle launch trajectory of the rocket is different than the standerd flight path. This new path takes the rocket past disused space staion S-9.

Breaking Santonia-Ogura reveal the presence or Uranium ore. However, the group is then attacked by Kawai and bodyguards. It turned out that time is of the essence for the launch rendezvous with the station. Ogura should not have launched that time. There was a predicted tremor that swepped the area, which caused the dumepr crash. A mistake. When it was revealed, Ogura was directed to direct attention on Section 10 and discredit them in hopes of steering the investigation away from Sunzec and Santonia-Ogura.

Both Kawai and Conarini are arrested afterward.
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