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Questions about Batou
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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 1:28 pm    Post subject: Re: Questions about Batou Reply with quote

alfonso2501 wrote:

I’m almost positive that Batou is from the US! In episode 10 of 1st season, the “Jungle something-or-another” episode, section 9 was asked to help catch a former US army special ops solder gone on a killing spree. Batou revealed that he had served with this solder in some sort of Central American war before joining section 9.

Yes, but he served as a Japanese Ranger. The ex-AE (American Empire, not United States) soldier was Batou's old enemy, not comrade. Batou was there to stop the genocide, not take part in it.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tonks_kittygoth wrote:

Bringing up the blood thing, thats weird. There seems to be some disagreement between the universes and the shows/ maybe with in shows too.
I didnt think about the blood thing at all, cause it seems animes get a routine de-goreing of the bloody stuff, at least the american versions.
When he shoots him self up in Innocence there is blood, and they make it clear that the old arm was cyber.
In Cash eye the creepy pervert dude coments on the Majors white blood, and Arimaki corrects him, that she is a cyborg not a ai.
So does that imply that for any fleshy components cyborgs need blood blood?
I think I saw some other cyborg red blood too... anyone else have ideas on this subject?

As far as idea's go its a bit sketchy, I went back and re-watched the Subbed versions of the Anime Stand Alone Complex both Seasons one and two because, A its a good show, and B I'm curious about this part of the topic. The anime is a little wishy washy on the blood, moments in time like Motoko getting her head blown off for the shell she controlled remotely shows her having red blood, but other moments like Batou getting stabbed through the shoulder in an episodes in season two show no blood even after removing the pipe used to stab him. I am unsure of what to take away from this, Clearly Motoko's body she remotely used had blood, and other scenes themselves have blood from the cyborgs, however this other scene disproves that, is it simply different circulatory systems or rather a simple answer as that batou got lucky and the stab didnt hit any veins so its why he didnt bleed. as far as the other anime continuities, that also grows vague here and there, showing one thing and then another, I think the blood thing is an establishment for the audience to realize these arent just robots they were and are people two, so the ability to empathize with the characters doesn't waver because we think of them as robots. However I have a fairly good feeling they do have blood, and red blood, any form of the brain that is still fleshy requires blood to feed it oxygen, no amount of surgery could provide that as it would be so extensive you might as well just replace the brain. therefore there has to be some blood to brain system provided its probably why not only can they not breath under water but they would ultimately die from being under without a breathing apparatus as seen in several episodes Motoko is underwater, its not that they are too heavy, but rather they cant physically breath under the water like and android or robot could and without air their brains ultimately die.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From what I've seen there are two main colors for robotic "blood". One is red and the other white. And they seem to be anime genre wide and not just the SAC shows where they pick a color more to set a mood than to be terribly detailed.

The white blood is frequently used in human shaped robots - specifically in the ones that you are not supposed to know are sentient or just purely robotic. The white leaking out dehumanizes them.

The red blood is pretty much like transmission fluid in cars and is most usually found in non human robots that they want to be more sympathetic.

In the case of Motoko getting her head shot off I bet there really was a human brain in that case (some poor sap. I bet it was even female so the DNA would test right). Batou was fooled and the death had to convince whoever it was behind the shoot to kill order that Motoko was truly dead or they'd just keep looking.

Do the subbed versions have different narrative than the dubbed versions? It's been so long since I watched them that I do not really recall any differences.
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